Who we are.

The History Behind Our Business

I am Nicky, Mum to fraternal Girl/Boy twins Kiera and Luke. I operate a home-based business in the Lowveld, South Africa. I handmake soaps, bath and body products with a helping hand from my Husband Stuart. I started my business when my daughter developed severe eczema and I needed a soap that was chemical-free and as natural as possible with healing properties for her damaged skin.
After I completed an online aromatherapy course and soap making course, I started to make small amounts of soap for Kiera and Luke to bath with. It all started with wooden box moulds in my kitchen making crudely produced and cut soaps, we are currently putting a studio together to accommodate my growing business.
Our soaps are made from a Saponified Coconut Oil and Kaolin Clay which is SLES free, with added essential oils and organic herbs and spices.

Our products are made from the purest ingredients and the bulk of herbs come out of my growing herb garden which are hand dried and infused by me. The spices used in the soaps are ground by hand and sourced locally, the essential oils used are locally produced and sourced. CrimsonClover SA products are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.

Each bar of soap or shampoo is cut,  cured and wrapped by hand in waxed recycled paper with environmentally friendly labels attached. The soap is then gently stored for sale.

All our bath products are produced and stored in recyclable glass containers which can be reused by our clients.  Our packaging is all recyclable and reusable. We strive to supply zero-waste packing.

We proudly handmake chemical and plastic-free, zero-waste, bath and body products.


Why not join Our local business and work for yourself??

We are looking for hard working, go getters that want to work for themselves. Make some extra cash on the side for a holiday or even just to put away for a rainy day. Below you will find the Application form and the Reseller Program. Or if you wish you could just contact me onlinesales@crimsoncloversa.co.za

Why not join a local business and work for yourself??

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